Gallery: Visiting the Wrong Tiny Island / by Leslie Seaton

This summer, I took a water taxi to visit Vendovi Island, a 200-acre island in the San Juans. Purchased by the San Juan Preservation Trust in 2010, it's now accessible to the public in the summer months. It is also not the island I thought it was going to be when I made the plans. 

However, just because a small island is not the island you thought it was going to be does not mean you can't still enjoy what it has to offer.

What it has to offer: easy forested hiking trails (here's a full official hiking report here), pebble beaches, seals, Bald Eagles, Belted Kingfishers, Pigeon Guillemots (or would it be "Pigeons Guillemot" like "attorneys general?"), slugs, wildflowers in the spring (sadly I missed the majority of that action), and, at least for my visit, a friendly if alarming bee.

I was going to note that I used Leapfrog Water Taxi for the visit, but just read a tweet tonight that on Monday of this very week, the owner announced he is closing down operations. It appears Island Express Charters might be another option. I would also recommend cultivating friendships with people who have boats (just in general, but also to visit this island). 

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