Scandinavian food and cooking events and resources / by Leslie Seaton

 The Center also has a bustling happy hour in their bar. There was a local celebrity sighting - Sig Hansen of The Deadliest Catch - who was just hanging out with some friends. The bar has, of course, several aquavits on offer.  The traditional Swedish and Norwegian way to say cheers is "Skål!" (Pronounced sort of like "skole!" to my ear.)

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Scandinavian Food Resources

  • Scandinavian Specialties – offers products from throughout the region, like lutefisk, Danish smoked eel, lingonberry jam, Norwegian chocolates, and more.
  • Larsen’s Danish Bakery – offers the traditional Danish Kringle (“Flaky layers of Danish filled with almond paste and raisins, shaped into a pretzel, just before it is baked, it is topped with sugar and sliced almonds.”)
  • Ikea – Obvious, of course, but in addition to the cafe's usual Swedish meatballs and the food market's ligonberry preserves (at a very good price), they also schedule periodic food events like all you can eat crayfish dinners. 

Scandinavian Cultural Resources