Seattle spells "Let's Eat" / by Leslie Seaton

I have lived in New York City, and traveled to quite a lot of this country, but I don't think I've ever been in a place as obsessed with food as Seattle in the late oughts. 

And it's not just me that thinks this about Seattle. My college roommate and her husband visit pretty regularly, and in large part it's for the eating. And they still live in NYC.

On his recent visit to Seattle, Michael Pollan also commented about how food-centric this place is, noting "This community is one of the real laboratories where the new food economy and this new food movement begins...and I've felt it for all the years I've been coming here."(If you missed it, you can catch the lecture on KUOW's Speaker's Forum.) 

So last night I was doing some work for the site and trying to come up with a new tag line and it suddenly hit me...rearrange the letters for Seattle and it spells "Let's eat."

I know I know, the town is named for Chief Seattle. It's just a spelling coincidence. 

Nevertheless. I must admit it feels a little Keyser Soze. Are we all really so into food? Or is it the subtle power of language working on our brains?, she wondered, gnawing absently on a piece of dark chocolate.