Au revoir, Fresh-Picked! / by Leslie Seaton

Posted on this morning...

After five and a half years, thousands of events listed, and hundreds of events covered, Fresh-Picked is officially coming to an end as a stand-alone site and calendar at the end of this week.

People who have used this site for a long time might recall it went on a hiatus two years ago, only to return in a few weeks, but this time, it’s truly over.

This was a sad decision for me to make, but ultimately, this time it feels like the right one. And I think that’s why I’m not as sad as I thought would be.

I still love everything Fresh-Picked has been about: food, nature, learning, resourcefulness, connection, community, curiosity, openness. But as I said when I went on hiatus two years ago, running Fresh-Picked changed my life…and it turns out this new life doesn’t have a lot of time left for running Fresh-Picked! Additionally, while the cost of running the site has been manageable, it’s another use of a resource that I would like to direct elsewhere.

I am not erasing my digital footprint entirely though. I’ve wanted to spend more time on photo essays and general writing, but the need to maintain the Fresh-Picked calendar (and the inherent, constant deadline-y feel of wanting to share info that was, by its nature, time-sensitive) always took focus from that more personal work.

With this time freed up, I’m going to be maintaining a more robust personal site that you can find at On it, you will find photos essays and posts on topics that people who like Fresh-Picked might be interested in: the outdoors, flora, fauna, foraging, making, and Seattle in general. I’ll also be posting about travel in general (heavily road-trip focused) and Arizona in particular.

AND! Although Fresh-Picked as a stand-along site and calendar is going away, there will still be a place to find a lot of the information from FPS on my personal site in the Fresh-Picked Archive. I might no longer have the calendar of events, BUT I will have themed posts listing some of the main venues I’d usually be listing events from.

So there will no longer be a regularly updated cheese calendar, but you can still find a central listing of the places that offer cheese-making classes, cheese tastings, etc. Ditto for gardening, foraging, and a variety of other topics. With a few extra clicks, you’ll probably still be able to track down the resources offering the kind of events you might be interested in.

I’m still loading that info into my personal site, so for this week, feel free to use the FPS calendar and site to find upcoming events. By the end of the week, the Fresh-Picked Archive on my site should be (relatively) complete (and I’ll have an alphabetical listing to make finding things by a specific topic a little easier). (UPDATE 6.26: This is taking a bit longer than anticipated. Some items are in the archive, but expect this to continue to update over the next week or so.)

I am also writing event-focused articles for Groupon’s city guide site, and as I add topics that are Fresh-Picked in nature, I’ll link to those on my personal site and add to the archive.

Also please consider adding the blog on on the site to your feed as I’ll probably be unable to NOT post about interesting events when I come across them (I just will resist the urge to recreate a handy calendar to put them in).

Also Facebook/Twitter likers/followers, I’ll still send out event notices from those accounts, too, if something comes my way and seems exciting.

And, of course, if you ever have questions about where to go to learn something (sausage-making? Cake decorating? snow-shoeing? low tide biology?) and you’re just not finding quite what you’re looking for on the site, email me! I love playing event matchmaker and will be happy to help.

Thanks to everyone who has read this site for the past five and a half years! And a huge thanks to all the people who put on the events I’ve been covering! Every time I went to an event, no matter how small or idiosyncratic, I came away feeling inspired by people’s passion for the interests and skills they were sharing. This has been the best, most expansive, most interesting time in my life, and I am so grateful for the past five and a half years of Fresh-Picked Seattle. Thank you!