(Roughly) Two years ago today: Bridal Veil Falls / by Leslie Seaton

As part of building out this new site, looking back on some of the activities from (roundabouts) the current date in years past. Two years ago on (almost) this date, I tried this hike: Bridal Veil Falls. It might not look like much, statistics-wise, to regular hikers, but I was not a regular hiker, and as this was the first time I specifically didn't pick a hike for complete LACK of elevation gain, it was a stretch for me. The falls at the end of the incline part were an excellent reward, and the exhilaration of a successful effort encouraged me to try other hikes of similar challenge level.

Not pictured: the vault toilet restroom at the nearly deserted trail head. It had a messed up metal door that wedged itself shut and would not respond to my increasingly panicked shoving for what felt like minutes (but was probably 30 seconds). I always try to be aware of and prepared for the inherent dangers of solo hiking, but the possibility of being trapped in a trail head bathroom was not one I had thought of until that day. 

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