Mushroom dye workshop w/Alissa Allen of Mycopigments this October / by Leslie Seaton

I might have shuttered Fresh-Picked but, as promised, I am still unable to resist telling people about interesting events. Here's one!

Alissa Allen teaches classes in making mushroom and lichen dyes (mycopigments). I took her class in 2013. I will admit I haven't actually taken the next step of making a mushroom dye, but there is often an extended incubation period for me between interest and action. Sometimes years. 

Images and some Vines from that event are above (complete gallery with captions here), and if you are interested, you can sign up for her event on October 8 in Eatonville. She'll have a special guest - Liann Finnerty - there to talk about silk design and everyone will get a silk scarf to practice on. The class I attended was great, very informative, and this is a pretty unique opportunity, so worth taking a look!

Check out the event and register here! And again, you can see the complete gallery of the class I attended here.