Three years ago today: Native People & Native Plants Walk / by Leslie Seaton

Organizing all my stuff into this website has been satisfying just from the tidiness perspective alone. A place for everything and everything in its place.

But an added bonus has been seeing - through uploading the galleries of various plant walks, classes, and hikes I've been going on for the past several years - how far I've come in learning about wild food and botany. 

This is gratifying for its own sake, but also just because I've always been such a flibbertigibbet, I've never actually applied myself to the careful study of any particular subject. I'm more of a fleeting-obsessions kind of person. But for whatever reason, wild food and botany grabbed a hold and I focused enough to well and truly learn something about it.

Anyway, here's a slideshow from 2011, when I was definitely on my way, but still meeting and greeting a lot of new-to-me plants. This Native People & Native Plant Walk from July 3, 2011 was one of the Washington Park Arboretum's free weekend walks, which, by the way, are excellent and, again, FREE! Check out their calendar to see when the next ones are scheduled and what the theme is.

Bonus slideshow from even further back in the archives: another Washington Park Arboretum walk, this one from November 2010, focused on identifying fruits, nuts and seeds with local plant expert Arthur Lee Jacobson. He, too, offers plant identification walks, usually costing about $10.