Three years ago today: Cascade Head Trail / by Leslie Seaton

Three years ago today, I was down in Lincoln City, OR, for a weekend planned around a seaweed foraging class. The class was on Sunday, so on Saturday, I decided to do a hike in the area. I lucked out with happening upon this Cascade Head Trail, a very beautiful Nature Conservancy hike.

As I note in the full gallery (click here for that), at that time, I usually specifically avoided hikes with any elevation gain, but this time, I think I forgot to check, and by the time I figured out what was happening, I was already sucked in by the beauty and trudged on. It's really not that much elevation gain, but for me it was a stretch.

This hike was perhaps the beginning of my Slug Awareness, and although it was another year and another hike (Bridal Veil Falls) that truly kicked off a desire to challenge myself more with hikes with elevation gains, I still look back at this as yet another turning point in my relationship with the outdoors. 

It was also the first in what has become an accidental annual tradition of doing a view hike on or near my birthday. Last year, once I realized I'd done a view hike for three years in a row, I decided this will be a new tradition, the Getting Up There Annual Birthday Hike. This week, it's my birthday again, and I've got a couple hikes planned Thursday and Friday of this week, and I'll report back on that trudging later.

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