Pacific Northwest wild food, foraging, mushrooms, ethnobotany, fishing classes & resources / by Leslie Seaton

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Wild Food & Outdoor Schools/Venues


The below individuals offer classes and workshops. Some do them regularly, some less so, but keep an eye on the Fresh-Picked calendar and their sites for complete details.

  • Arthur Lee Jacobson - local plant expert and author of many plant references.
  • Langdon Cook - local author. Often teaches through Bainbridge Island.
  • Melany Vorass of Weed Cuisine - teaches through Seattle Tilth and has offered free classes in the past. Author with book on the way and has blog with edible plant info.
  • Jennifer Sundstrom - local herbalist.
  • Becky Selengut - chef who has offered nettle foraging trips in the past. Subscribe to her newsletter for the earliest scoop on her offerings.
  • Rebecca Lerner of Firstways is in Portland. Check out her calendar if you are in the area, and read her excellent blog if you're not.
  • Jennifer Adler offers summer seaweed foraging kayaking adventures.
  • Linda of Moonrise Herbs is based in Wisconsin, but has been offering Pacific Northwest seaweed foraging trips in the summer for 10 years.

Local Parks

Our local parks often offer plant and mushroom ID walks.

Mycological Societies & Mushroom Clubs

Fishing Schools

Other Ethnobotanical Resources