Kurtwood Farms

July encounters with flora and fauna by Leslie Seaton

I am about to post another "three years ago today..." post, and felt like I ought to just insert a quick "not three years ago" note just to break it up a little. I'll be posting more in-depth galleries of each of the below, but here are some highlights of the flora and fauna I met in July, including seals, raptors, chimps, a really aggressively affectionate elk, grizzlies (ok the bears were just via second-hand tales), peanut butter trees, berries, bees (of course).

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Farm Weekend by Leslie Seaton

By accident, and not design, I ended up spending all of last weekend (the hot one) down on the farm(s). On Saturday, my friends and I headed to the east side for a visit to Dr. Maze's Farm for a lavender essential oil distillation demo. On Sunday, I went west to Vashon Island for a Slow Food Seattle visit to Kurtwood Farms for a tour and cheese tasting.

My komputer is kaput, so I am posting an abbreviated preview of the future galleries of these trips while I wait for repairs. The Kurtwood tour is, sadly, probably not something you'll be able to do this summer, but the lavender demo IS something you could consider checking out this coming weekend (July 18-20). Dr. Maze's Farm will be repeating its Lavender Celebration with several walks and talks, including the distillation demo. While you're there, you can pick up some lavender products to take home. (And some catnip hydrosol: my cat says thumbs-up to this Dr. Maze product.)

Also check out Woodinville Lavender around the corner, and if you don't mind a little drive, head up to Maltby before or after for ice cream at Snoqualmie Ice Cream. They have a boozy Lemon Lavender Thyme Shake that was pretty great.

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